Running never takes more than it gives back ॐ
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If you’re doing what you love, everything in the universe will gravitate towards you. This is how the world works. Don’t waste time impressing others or doing something that doesn’t feed your soul. Take a leap of faith and jump in to your passion.

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Anonymous - Can you go through what you eat on an average day?:)

Well it varies, and keep in mind I am marathon training but here are a couple days I recorded recently:

8:30 - 1/2 cup granola with milk, 2 eggs with siracha on a whole grain english muffin

9:30 - coffee with skim 

12:00 - 1 cup granola with almond milk and whipped cream

1:45 - snacky .. some shredded cheese, a few chips… need to drink more water before a late lunch

abs - 250 varied crunches

3:30 - salad - mixed greens/ kale, cheese, salsa, tortilla strips,  plain nonf greek yog, cilantro

1 cup of raisins

5:00 chai with almond milk and whipped cream 

6:30 - running group 4.5 miles

8:30 + on - Pumpkin Chobani with granola, half of overnight chia/oats, quarter of bagel with cc


8:30 AM - Chobani Apple & Oats - with added apple

Green tea

9:45 - Coffee with skim 

11:30 - Made and ate this whole personal pumpkin pie! More pumpkin, add nutmeg, less butter, add yogurt? next time.

2:00 - hard boiled egg and 1/2 granola with raisins and milk

chia pudding, pb, apple, so so many raisins

8:00 - Mexichillidog and sweet potato fries

Late night - chobani, banana, granola


9:00 coffee with almond milk, oatmeal with syrup!, cinnamon and almond milk

2 miles shake out run

11:20 - Bowl of spinach, siracha, 1 eggs, 2 egg whites

3:00 - 2 slices of homemade pb bread with pb and cream cheese. 

9.5 miles, 6x800s mat 3:10s-ish eeep 

7:30 - Chicken, squash, spinach cooked, pumpkin sauce. 

9 pm - ice cream

Anonymous - I need some thoughts/advice! ☺️ I run a lot, almost daily. Anywhere to 2-4 miles and I'm starting to increase! I've been running for years- but more consistent past 4 months. Recently I've had a hard time breathing, like I can't catch my breath...I notice it when the wind is whipping around. Then my chest feels all tight and uncomfortable! I've done a lot of practicing on my breathing while running and now all of a sudden I'm gasping. Have you ever came across this?!

Oh no! I would say just run more and your lun capacity will improve. Do other types of cardio to get used to breathing heavier as well. However maybe you should talk to a doctor or sports therapists and be checked for asthma/ allergies. 


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