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Look at what Jennifer is doing


She has been making baby food for the past several months. So much better and cleaner than store bought baby food. 


I can’t believe it’s already Thursday and my best friend, partner in crime, and favorite running bud in the whole wide world (I know, she’s important right!?) is headed back to Tampa. So glad she snapped this cute pic of our sneaks and electrolytes post 7 miles last night (pre demolishing tacos and guac for her birthday dinner 😋). Thanks for the miles and the smiles @meghss_ 👯 see you soon!


"Gorgeous day for getting work done!" -Shalane Flanagan
Anonymous - I was hoping you could help me as I want to cleanse and detox my body, I was wondering if you could give me some tips or suggest a cleanse I could try. Thank you!

Hi! I am not a fan of many cleanses because your body naturally detoxes itself. The best thing you can do is eat healthy foods, lots of veggies and lean meats so your body has less to fight and break down. Things like sugars and alcohol are harder for your body to process so avoid those for a while. You could also replace a meal with a kale and fruit smoothie! Drinking lots of water and tea always helps me feel refreshed and “cleansed.”

I can’t believe I am half way through marathon training! Here are my thoughts on training so far, on! 
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yes. in FULL support of this