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@sjbadlater: Day 2, it’s not hard to be happy before 7am when it’s the first day of fall and coffee smells this good #100happydays
Oops. I’m over-due for cleaning out my runner-junk-bucket in my pantry. I have a lot more to try/consume than I thought! I blame Fleet Feet for this 😂 #FuelJunkie 

Was super sick last night so I didn’t go for my 20 this morning. Thinking of going for 7 tonight and 15+ tomorrow morning since I ran a 20 already, have #RagnarADK this weekend, and a 22 scheduled the following weekend before tapering. I don’t like messing with my plan but trying to accept the changes. #marathontraining #firstmarathon

Told you guys I would get up a clean-eating challenge for you! Here it is! #TEAMNOCHEATS until Halloween! I’m starting today, which you are welcome to do with me, but the challenge will officially start on October 1st! You can read the details in the picture - but just remember that this is meant to be a fun challenge, not something overly restrictive or unhealthy. Cheat meals are 100% ok and a part of a healthy lifestyle (moderation!) however sometimes it helps to try to eat as clean as possible for as long as possible to really see results, break a plateau, etc. Your reward at the end of the challenge on October 31st is EATING EVERYTHING YOU WANT ON HALLOWEEN! Go nuts! Eat whatever you want! I will be! Enjoy yourselves with this challenge - I want to see your progress, your posts, your pictures - so remember to use the hashtag on tumblr and Instagram :) Reblog this so I can know you are participating and spread the word!

Yay Natasha, I’m so doing this! Perfectly timed with my marathon.Take the challenge guys! I know I can give up candy and snacks, and this is a perfect way to stay disciplined until my marathon. One of my biggest cheats is alcohol so I will definitely be cutting that out!


I have a problem.
Under read more for ED trigger potentially

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Acknowlege it. Accept it. And recall how great you feel when you DO eat! And make yourself a little snack, which will probably remind you that you are ready to have dinner later on.



Yeah so I got a 99% on my first exam for the semester ^_^

-be a health related blog
-no unhealthy promotion on blog
-first 99! Much reach!
-promoted in 10 lists, sporadically
-randoms bolded
-no likes. If you like, I don’t promote.
-if you want to congratulate me, send me a message or say something on the reblog:) but please don’t use the comment feature, it messes with notes :)

Thanks guys!

Your vagina is supposed to smell like a vagina, not a mango. If your partner complains about the natural smell or taste of your vagina, they can go fuck a mango.