Running never takes more than it gives back ॐ
Believe in the run


Cause you know regular pushups can get boring

I am envious of anyone who can even complete a REGULAR pushup. This will be a goal for me.

Waterfall Bridge, The Canadian Rockies | Photo via earthly

Revie Schulz

Step ups.
ponytailjade - My favorite workout is three rounds of 10 squats with 45 pound bar plus 40 pounds, 30 lunges with weights, and 30 rows :)

I’ve been so afraid to do weighted squats except for when I hold dumbbells in class. Maybe now is the right time to try :) 

sealion-woman - Pole fit is always the best workout idea ;)

I definitely want to try but its too expensive around here :/ 

fitforeverrrr - plank every morning for 2 mins! it will make a difference xx

Heck yeah it will! I should do i everyday