Running never takes more than it gives back ॐ
Believe in the run

Sun daze

Sore paws and tired legs. Rocky had to be carried over 3 miles back to the trailhead in Desolation Wilderness, CA

Have had this for the past 6 days straight…safe to say I am obsessed.

Off for a 3 day hiking trip, xoxoxoxo

No picture from my run today so here is the view from #SouthTwinMtn from July 4th weekend, since I am headed out tomorrow for a 3 day trek in the White Mountains!  ⛺️

I skipped my 9 miler yesterday… It was a crazy weekend saying goodbye to my parents before they fly to Vietnam. Not to mention my feet hurt! To make up for it, I managed a relaxed 5.5 today and hope to run tomorrow before we drive up north. Hope you all had a lovely Monday! #fitsnap #latergram #whitemountains  (at Hudson, MA)